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You Drive V8 Race Buggy 6 Laps in Colo Heights NSW For 1p

Duration: 2 hours People: 1

Available In: His ultimate experience Her ultimate experience

Partner Name: Off Road Rush Sydney

Address: 5308 Putty Road,Colo Heights, 2756

It's every racer's dream - V8 engine full of grunt and the freedom to drive as hard and as fast as you can.

This dream can now be your reality, wannabe racers are lining up to go crazy buggy-style!

You drive a real race buggy with an instructor riding along as your navigator offering encouragement and some handy tips on car control, drifting and racing. Your confidence will grow as each lap goes by and so will your speed down the back dirt straight as well as getting plenty of sideways turn.


Experience includes:

  • 6 x laps in a powerful Toyota Lexus V8

  • a fullface helmet, overalls and strapped into a race harness

Important Information:
  • Drivers must be at least 17 years old and hold a "P Plate licence"

  • The maximum weight limit is 130kg and the maximum height is 201cm.