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You Drive 2 Different cars (V8 BUGGY + WRX) in Colo Heights NSW For 1p

Duration: 2 hours People: 1

Available In: The Unique Box

Partner Name: Off Road Rush Sydney

Address: 5308 Putty Road,Colo Heights, 2756

Get strapped into a real race buggy. With the instructor riding along as your navigator will offer encouragement and some handy tips and tricks on car control, drifting and racing.

You then drive either a race prepared Yamaha YXZ or Subaru WRX. 8 laps will give you a real chance to get familiar with the track and car, the aim is to make your last lap the fastest.

After your driving experiences it’s time for the real thrill the HOT LAPS. A Professional Race Driver will take you for the Hot Laps of your life, You will need to hold on, these hot laps that will scare even the most hardened race fans.


Experience includes:

  • drive a V8 Buggy 8 Laps

  • drive a Yamaha YXZ or a Subaru WRX 8 Laps

  • a professional driver will take you for two Hot Laps

Important Information:
  • Drivers must be at least 17 years old and hold a "P Plate licence"

  • The maximum weight limit is 130kg and the maximum height is 201cm.