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The Melbourne walk experience For 2p

Duration: 3 hours People: 2

Available In: Treats for Monsieur Treats for Madame Moments for two

Partner Name: Walk Melbourne

Address: Melbourne 3000 VIC

Melbourne is a mecca for food with an eating culture bordering on the obsessive.

This walking tour is your opportunity to sample some of the top dishes in Melbourne. Drink coffee, eat dumplings, sneak in a chocolate treat and finish it off with a drink on a rooftop.

Many of Melbourne's highlights are hidden from the main streets in lanes, alleys and arcades. Sometimes you will enter restaurants via secret doors, elevators and staircases. Your guide knows where all the hidden entrances are located.

With your expert guide, you will visit a variety of fun spots. Some of these locations are so well hidden that even locals don't know about them. Don't miss this chance to discover new places!

Experience includes:

  • Coffee, Sweet treat,

  • A share plate of dumplings for lunch

  • A Glass of bubbles on a rooftop

  • Guided walk through the CBD