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Summit Climb - Day For 1p

Duration: 3.5 hours People: 1

Available In: His ultimate experience Her ultimate experience

Partner Name: Bridge climb

Address: 3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000

Being at the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the best ways to admire the beauty of Sydney.

Take in the spectacular 360-degree panorama of Sydney as you journey to the Summit on our original Climb experience. Soak up the unmissable view as you walk along the upper arch of the Bridge to the top.

Your Climb Leader will guide you through the 1,332 steps to reach the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Each step will give you the opportunity to appreciate the Harbour, The Opera House and the Skyline.

Latching on at the Climb Base below the Bradfield Highway, you will walk below the road-deck until you reach the South-East Pylon.

There you will go up four ladders to the start of the upper arch.

With the Summit in your sight, your journey continues along the Bridge’s upper arch on the Opera House side until you hit the top.

After a Summit celebration with your group, you will cross to the Darling Harbour side to make your descent to Climb Base.

Experience includes:

  • Guided Climb to the Summit

  • Climb group photo

  • A BridgeClimb cap

  • A Certificate of Achievement

  • A free Entry to the Pylon lookout