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Cocktail Party in a Box - SA

Duration: n/a People: 2

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Partner Name: Monsieur Cocktail

This Unique Cocktail Box Is Ready To Go And So Easy To Use! An Effortless Good Time from The Comfort of Your Home. This Is A Party In A Box including:

• 3 x 100ml Cocktails
1. "La Dolce Vita" An Italian Aperitif with Strawberry, Fruity & aromatic.
2. "Down The Rabbit Hole" The Mad Hatter Secret Potion, exotic & aromatic.
3. "Whisky Waffle" A warm and delicious liquid desert in a bottle.

• 3 x Fun Party Props
1. A scented hand fan as a sensory garnish to enhance your party
2. A pink feather as a playful garnish to go with your Cocktail
3. Two dehydrated orange slices as an edible garnish

• A Playlist of Videos Accessible From A QR Code
1. Your French Cocktail Expert Will Take You on a Journey through a video with simple instructions and unique stories for each cocktail.

• A Playlist of Music Accessible from a QR Code
1. To create a unique atmosphere from the comfort of your home we have added a playlist of music to perfectly complement each of your cocktails.

• All you need for this Cocktail Party is your favourite glassware and some ice cubed.

Picture this, after a big day, you open your cocktail box for an instant escape of your daily grind. More than a drink, an experience for you to create an unforgettable memory. Whether the 3 cocktails are just for you, or you are going to share with a friend it is not the same as pouring a glass of wine. Imagine your french cocktail expert taking you through a cocktail journey that you never had before. You will find in the box 3 unique crafted cocktail from a twist on an iconic Italian aperitif to the Mad Hatter’s favourite potion and a warm and yummy waffle in a bottle. I’ve included a few little things to help you immerse yourself with all your senses so you will not only enjoy some delicious cocktails but smell, listen, see, touch and of course taste your delicious cocktails like if you were sitting on a terrace in Italy, who needs to travel?

More than a drink - an experience.

Monsieur Cocktail Team supports the responsible service of alcohol, drink in moderation.

IMPORTANT ALLERGY: This product contains nuts.