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Sensory Cocktail Box delivered in ACT

Duration: n/a People: 2

Available In: His Bucket List Her Bucket List

Partner Name: Monsieur Cocktail

Meet the cocktail box experience: picture this, after a big day, you open your magical cocktail box to embark on a fun adventure for an instant stress release. More than a drink, an experience that will help you be more present in the moment, to create unforgettable memories. Whether the 3 cocktails are just for you or you are going to share with a friend it is not the same as pouring a glass of wine. Imagine your french cocktail expert taking you through a cocktail journey that you never had before. You will find in the box 3 unique crafted cocktails from a twist on an iconic Italian aperitif to the Mad Hatter’s favourite potion and a warm and yummy waffle in a bottle. I’ve included a few little things to help you immerse yourself with all your senses so you will not only enjoy some delicious cocktails but smell, listen, see, touch and of course taste your experience like if you were sitting on a terrace in Italy, who needs to travel? You can open your magical cocktail box at any time, from anywhere, with whoever you want. You are in total control of your party. All you have to do is to immerse yourself into the experience, watch a video of your french cocktail expert guiding you through your experience, listen to the music, enjoy the cocktails, play with the props and most importantly have fun. More than a drink - an experience

Experience includes:

  • 3 Unique Crafted Cocktails