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Rustic Italian Cooking Class (on weekdays) For 2p

Duration: 3 hours People: 2

Available In: Treats for Monsieur Treats for Madame Moments for two

Partner Name: Vanilla Zulu

Address: 92 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe 4005 QLD Australia

Why a Rustic Italian Cooking Class?

Lose the fear of attempting to make your own pasta from scratch ever again

Follow step by step, fail safe recipes that will produce amazing pasta, bread and gnocchi every time

Learn the secret authentic Italian ingredients that really make an Italian dish and how to use them with ease

Repeat every recipe at home whenever you want and create food that is better than your local Italian restaurant!

Novice level and up - anyone can learn this!

Experience includes:

  • 3.5 Hour action packed, friendly cooking session in a relaxed environment

  • Everything you need to create the most authentic, made from scratch, mouthwatering Rustic Italian food

  • Apron provided

  • Enjoy a 3 course feast of the meals that you prepared prepare to amaze yourself!

  • Icy refreshing water supplied

  • Fully licensed bar, so if fancy going fullItalian, you can enjoy a glass of wine while you 'get your chef on'