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Melbourne Sunrise Balloon Flight: Champagne Breakfast

Duration: 60 mins People: 1

Available In: The Unique Box

Partner Name: Global Ballooning

Address: 192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

It's a wonderful thing, to be able to give someone the experience of a lifetime. At Global Ballooning Australia, we've shared a sunrise with over 90,000 people in 25 balloons over as many years , and it never gets old. We're proud of our safety record, and we care deeply about our guests' experience, but for us, it's more about the people we meet along the way and the pristine natural playground we call our office.

It starts with an alarm that draws you from your bed and dares you to meet the dawn with the Global Ballooning Crew. Birdsong begins as giant balloons inflate, and you find yourself drawn to the heat of the flame.

As the earth falls away, you will rise with the sun.

Sail the breeze and follow the Yarra River, there 's no better way to see the world 's most livable city.

For an hour, it 's just you and the sky.

Experience includes:

  • Approx. 1 hour sunrise flight

  • Champagne breakfast after the flight

  • Discounted undercover parking at the Amora Hotel for a flat fee of $10 (valid until 11am)

  • One-way transfers from most major CBD hotels

  • 20min tram ride back to the city outside the Amora Hotel

  • Flights departing 364 days of the year, weather permitting

  • Flight certificate

  • Complete flight and ground insurance

  • Launch and landing government fees

  • A carbon neutral flight Global Ballooning Australia is the only Victorian operator to offset our carbon emissions