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Junior Driver Level 1 (Sandown track) For 1p

Duration: 2 hours People: 1

Available In: Treats for Monsieur Treats for Madame

Partner Name: Junior Driver Experience

Address: Racecourse Dr, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia

Why should the grownups have all the fun!

Our unique Junior Driver experience gives kids aged 12-16 the opportunity to drive a car in a safe and controlled environment.

We provide modern 5 star rated dual control cars, experienced and friendly instructors, a junior CAMS license, and a fun and safe driving arena.

Experience includes:

  • a short theory session on the basics of car operation

  • 1hour driving experience (basic moving and stopping, turning, slalom, lane change, emergency braking)

  • tea and coffee for the grownups while they wait