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Horse Riding Lesson plus Introductory - Demonstration 1 hr Lesson For 1p

Duration: 1 hour People: 1

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Partner Name: Horse Riding Tasmania

Address: 1592 Buckland Rd, Woodsdale TAS 7120

Always wanted to be an expert horseman but never got the chance? Horse Riding Tasmania specialises in Horse Riding lessons for nervous beginners, adult riders restarting their riding career, and even children!

Surrounded by State Forest and typical Tassie wildlife, Horse Riding Tasmania has 10,000 acres of amazing horse riding tracks of eucalypt woodland, heathlands, sub-alpine areas and pine plantations. Lessons and rides are supervised by instructors and trail guides with over 30 years of experience who even carefully select your horse for you based on your height, weight, and level of experience.

Experience includes:

  • Horse Riding Lesson

  • Introductory