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Gold Package (Climb Swing Jump) + Photo package For 3p

Duration: 3 hours People: 3

Available In: His ultimate experience Her ultimate experience

Partner Name: Mega Adventure

Address: 4 Hamra Ave, West Beach SA 5024

Mega Adventure provides an opportunity for anyone who tries it, to discover more about themselves and the world of excitement and possibilities that surround them. What is our purpose in life? To remain safe, comfortable and untroubled by the unpredictable? Much modern technology is aimed at achieving exactly that, by reducing our exposure to the risk of harm. Mega Adventure’s objectives are not earth shattering, ambitious or mighty. It is simply to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves through adventure.

Experience includes:

  • For 3 people

  • 70+ obstacles on the MegaClimb

  • a free fall simulated jump from 18m high

  • the SkyWalk

  • 2 turns on the Giant Swing

  • Photo package