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Formula Ford Ride and Drive Combo - 5 laps + 2 passenger hot laps - Sydney Motorsport Park For 1p

Duration: 3 hours People: 1

Available In: The Unique Box

Partner Name: Anglo Racing Academy

Address: Gate A, Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek, NSW 2766

Driving a single-seater Formula Ford racing car is unlike anything else. These are real race cars! You'll be strapped into the open cockpit by a six-point racing harness with the quick release steering wheel in front of you.

You'll have the gear stick on your right connected to a 4-speed close ratio, purpose-built racing gearbox. Seated only a couple of inches off the ground you can feel every bump and vibration as your super-responsive car reacts to every tiny adjustment you make.

You will drive 5 blistering laps of Sydney Motorsport Park’s, Corporate Hill Section of the South Circuit. This consists of an additional 2 orientation laps in a road car and then 5 laps on your own, to put into practice what you have been taught.

This purpose built F1-style, 2-seater Formula Ford racing car is unlike anything else you've experienced

You will be hammering around the circuit with a Professional Driver for the ride of your life!

Experience includes:

  • 2 orientation laps in a road car

  • 5 laps on your own in a F1style, 2seater Formula Ford racing car