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Claire Taylor Atelier Nimble pack For 1p

Duration: n/a People: 1

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Partner Name: Claire Taylor

Address: 73 Smith St, Fitzroy 3065 VIC

Specialising in contemporary jewellery, Claire Taylor is inspired by travelling, collecting, and nature.

Her designs often develop by experimentation with textures. She uses various embossing techniques to capture the impression of fragile materials in silver and gold.

Each piece is individually handmade in Claire's store and workshop Atelier Claire Taylor in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Choose from Claire's extensive ranges, be involved in the design process of your personalised piece, and see Claire make jewellery in her open plan studio.

Experience includes:

  • The certificate entitles you to use a credit of $100 at the Claire Taylor's Atelier. You will be able to choose from her extensive ranges of individually hand made pieces.