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Alg Seaweed Starter box For 1p

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Partner Name: Alg Seaweed

Alg Seaweed is Australia's newest and fastest growing seaweed brand. It was started by Melbourne dietitian Sarah Leung.

Alg Seaweed is a sprinkle full of rich and delicious flavour. You can add it into your salads, on meats, eggs, avocado and fish. And, you'll find it useful to use as a salt substitute in many traditional cuisines.

Incorporating Alg into dishes can boost overall health and nutrition in one's diet

Expand your cooking horizon!

Experience includes:

  • 4 X Rainbow Seaweed Seedy Bites - Choc Coconut

  • 4 X Rainbow Seaweed Seedy Bites - Cranberry Burst

  • 1 X Rainbow Seaweed Flakes

  • 1 X Rainbow Seaweed Chickpea Miso & Sesame Seasoning

  • 1 X Rainbow Seaweed Salt

  • 1 X Tasmanian Wakame Seaweed Flakes

  • 1 X Bush Tucker Seaweed Sprinkle

  • Postage