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2 day Bush Survival Adventure available between April and October For 1p

Duration: 2 days People: 1

Available In: The Unique Box

Partner Name: High And Wild

Address: 207 Katoomba StKatoomba , NSW 2780

The Bush Survival, Bush Tucker and Navigation courses are led by an experienced team of outdoor guides. The skills they have developed to stay alive while walking, climbing, canyoning and skiing in the Australia,Europe, central and South America, The Himalayas and Alaska.

The team will help you select your equipment and emergency kit for future adventures.

We will also teach you loads of good stuff about the Blue Mountains environment. With this 2 day, one night camping course you will also receive a booklet of essential bush survival knowledge and tips.

The walk in and out for this course is reasonably short, only about 30 minutes each way.

This is a trip to a beautiful location in the Blue Mountains, staying in your own tent, seeing places & things most tourists will never see.

Experience includes:

  • You will learn the essential four: ShelterWaterFireFood, and how to navigate using the sun and stars and what to do when lost or when things go wrong.