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Offer an amazing Experience Gift Box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
Offer an amazing Experience Gift Box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.

Give The Gift
Of Australia

We Wander - Australia's only experience gift box company.

A switch up from the mundane basket hamper or flowers - We Wander is a new innovative way to gift and engage with clients, customers and within the corporate culture that delivers positive enforcement and drives professional relationships that usually lacks in a traditional sense of corporate gifting. Imagine that, all wrapped up seamlessly in a perfect package full of surprises, easily with a click of a button online to send to anyone, anywhere across the country at any time.

Our Products

WeWa Box

The concept is simple; one gift box, hundreds of carefully curated experiences to choose from. Yet, the promise is that when you gift someone a WeWa box, you’re also offering an opportunity you may never have found on your own. In fact, you may even give a life-changing experience that will become one of the most cherished memories.
Whether you are a foodie, adventure traveller, or wellbeing lover - the choice is yours.

From $70

WeWa Signature 

With each of our WeWa Signature comes the unique unboxing and celebratory moment of our iconic WeWa Box, a bottle of sparkling wine, curated by us to be from local businesses, and the option to include a personalised card or video note.

It’s the ultimate reward to celebrate key achievements and to reconnect and re-establish a positive relationship, whether it’s with your clients or employees.

From $135


A must for engaging in positive gifting and brand awareness.
Our bespoke customisation option allows for corporate organisations and businesses to put forward logos, taglines and branding colour palettes to personalise either a WeWa Experience Box or a WeWa Signature.
Align our experience gift boxes with your requirements to surprise, encourage and thank your clients, teams and even friends. Deliver more thoughtful processes, upscale your brand name and enrich relationships - professional or personal - through gratitude that won’t just stop at a ‘thank you’, but will remind recipients of you and your brand as they get ready for their next experience adventure.

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Choose from over

+1200 experiences

Nationwide and create memories from, each experience falls under the lifestyle, wellness, adventure and escape categories. Carefully curated by the team, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Video Message

“ There is a message waiting for you “

Personalised video message

Beyond a basic greeting card and looking towards the future, our Video Recording Feature is a seamless but impactful aspect from the donor to the recipient. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the invitation slip and record!

Personalise a gift box with a video message

Post Experience Touchpoint

We Wander now offers the opportunity for donors to receive notification(s) of when a gifted experience has been completed by the recipient, allowing an opportunity to touch base and continue a conversation - whether in business or as gratitude.