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Offer an amazing experience gift box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
Offer an amazing experience gift box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
8 Benefits of gifting experiences instead of material gifts

8 Benefits of gifting experiences instead of material gifts

There are many reasons why gifting experiences instead of material gifts are better. They are unforgettable gifts, they break without the routine, they do not take up space, they give us happiness and they create ever-lasting memories. These and many other reasons are the keywhy we should give experiences instead of material objects. They are an extraordinary way to show our love, appreciation, and best wishes to your loved ones. 

Why gifting experiences? 

Today, we live surrounded by stress, anxiety, and negativity. More and more people need to stop and find moments to disconnect and find themselves. Lots of us are seeking to find happiness through retreats, yogameditations, and more.  

At the same time, we are increasingly seeing consumerism and materialism stronger everywhere. You just have to stop for a minute and see the look around you or open your social networks and you will notice it. We are constantly receiving the message that it is necessary to “have” or to “own” to be happy. We accumulate a lot of things that are not even useful to us later.  

The consequences of this consumption are not at all pleasant. We spend money that we could invest in other things. Our houses are filled with objects that we will never useOur planet is also harmed by this way of living, and, the worst of all is that we are not even satisfied.  

Something is not right. Buying stuff for no particular reason leaves a void inside us that is not easy to fill.   

We know gifting is a beautiful expression of affection and, if you take into account consider the other person’s tastes and needs, it can become a very emotional and considerate gesture. But we can think of other ways to give much more conscious and slow-consumption gifts that you may not have consideredgifting experiences instead of material gifts.   

Unlike objects, experiences do not take up space, they recharge our batteries, fill us with memories and strengthen the bonds with our loved ones. 

What do we mean by gifting experiences?

First of all, we have to clarify the difference between experience gifts and material gifts. In other words, money spent on “doing”, such as tickets to concerts, movies, trips, and outdoor activities. And the material gifts, that is, money spent on “having” possessions, such as clothing, electronics, jewellery, or cosmetics.

Certainly, people’s tastes and preferences vary a lot. But, generally speaking, people tend to feel more gratification when they buy experiential gifts. These connect them to the person who receives the gift, and unlike material purchases, it has a value that is not comparable with other objects.

At this point, some may object that possession lasts longer than experiences. But although the material can last longer on a physical level, the experiential leave a more lasting mark on a psychological level.

As we mentioned above, there are many pluses in experience gifting, but let us, deep-dive, into the numerous benefits of giving experiences: 

  • They make unforgettable moments: A skydiving adventure, a cooking class, a massage session, or a dinner for two. These are gifts that your family, partner, or friends will never forget. But you should not only think about other people. Think about pampering yourself a little as well.
  • They are everlasting: Objects come and go, they break, they are forgotten in a drawer or they disappear. But these unique moments are the ones that remain in our memory and, year after year, they keep making us smile when we remember them.
  • Strengthen your bonds: Giving an experience to a loved one shows that you did not buy their gift in a hurry. You have stopped to think about what could make him happy. You have shown that you know the essence of the other person and that you have not chosen the first thing you have seen in the store. Also, if you give something that you can share with the other person, your union will become stronger than ever!
  • We start enjoying them in advance: When we gift experiences instead of material gifts, they give pleasure in advance. Your giftee will start enjoying just thinking that they are going to have a good time and that anticipation already gives them pleasure. In addition, once the experience is over, they have memories and stories.

In your day to day

  • They do not take up space: The good thing about giving experiences is that they do not take up space in closets, cellars, and living rooms. Therefore, they are the perfect option to give to people that do not like to accumulate material possessions, or to those friends who live in a small apartment.
  • They break the routine: When life gets boring, it only takes a little push, an excuse to break the inertia and feel that rush of positive energy again. Having fun, breaking the monotony, making different plans, leaving your comfort zone, are some of the side effects you can create after gifting experiences instead of something material.
  • They create conversation: It is more likely that, when talking to other people, we tell them about what we saw or the good time we had rather than how nice our shoes are, or our necklace. More specifically, the experiences live on because the people who receive them tend to remember and re-live them after they have concluded.
  • They are unique: Part of the wonder of experiences is knowing that no matter how many times you repeat an experience, they will always be different. In the case of objects, the opposite happens: the last shoes that you have bought are not going to change.

So now you know, no matter the occasion and the recipient, experiences will always be a great alternative. Also, by gifting experiences instead of something material you will go for an original and thoughtful option. Your giftee will surely thank and remember you forever.

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