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Offer an amazing Experience Gift Box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
Offer an amazing Experience Gift Box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
The Best Experience Gift for your Girlfriend

The Best Experience Gift for your Girlfriend

Are you looking for the best gifts for your girlfriend?
You've come to the right place!
At We Wander we have the best gifts to impress, whether it's an anniversary, their birthday, Christmas or any special occasion you want to celebrate, we've got it all covered!
With our experience gift boxes you're sure to surprise even the most difficult of girlfriends. Give her the chance to choose the experience in Australia that she loves the most, and the opportunity to experience something unique and unforgettable.

What is the best gift for girlfriend?

When it comes to girlfriend gifts, there are millions of options on the market: clothes, flowers, chocolates... but isn't it a bit boring to always fall back on the same old things?
Instead of continuing to accumulate physical things, at We Wander we invite you to turn your material gifts into moments that will last forever in your memory.

WeWa Experience Gift Boxes:

Discover our experience gift boxes wrapped in beautiful eco-friendly packaging.
Choose one of our six prices, according to your budget, and offer your girlfriend the chance to choose an experience from hundreds of options.
All of our experiences are spread across Australia, allowing her to choose one in the comfort of her hometown or for her next trip. All of them are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and each box has a variety of experiences divided into four categories: Adventure, Escape, Wellbeing and LifeStyle.

Ultimate Gift Box

What can I surprise my girlfriend with?

What better gift for your girlfriend than an experience for both of you? Even better if you can choose the experience together! You can choose from an adventure experience such as a helicopter ride or a snorkelling trip, something more gourmet such as a luxurious dinner or wine tasting, or a renewing experience such as a massage session for the happy couple.

We Wander Experience Gift Boxes

What type of gifts do girlfriends like?

I think it is safe to say that there is nothing nicer than thoughtful gifts. Giving the people we love something special and original never goes wrong. Even more so if we give a memorable moment or an occasion to share time together. Another great feature of your gift is to personalise it by writing a special message telling them how much you care.

At We Wander we give you the option to add a beautiful card along with your gift so you can leave a special message for your girl.

Which birthday gift is best for girlfriend?

The most important thing when choosing a gift for your girlfriend is neither the material gift nor the money you spend, but that you choose it with love and that it is thought out. Give her something that shows how much you know her and how much you thought about her when you chose it.
With We Wander you can do all that, with the bonus of leaving the final choice of the experience up to her - there's no margin for error!


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