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Offer an amazing experience gift box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
Offer an amazing experience gift box and let them select their pre-paid experience. Comes with 3 years validity.
Reward and Recognition, a key to a great employee experience

Reward and Recognition, a key to a great employee experience

Within the enormous and different areas, a company has to cover to be profitable, efficient, and well known in the market, employee reward and recognition are frequently left aside. Let’s see how can we build a great employee experience to start this new year. 

Generally, companies’ main concern consists of improving technology, finances, marketing, productivity, etc. Those are undoubtedly important, but one of the simplest keys for success tends to fail: a great employee experience. How the employee feels and acts inside the business impacts directly on the company’s results and performance.

It is clear that to give a good image, we must first feel good and confident about ourselves, this is as old as history. If we do not respect each other inside, we cannot expect to be respected outside.

If we transfer this concept to the company, exactly the same happens. We must improve the working experience inside to give a better and stronger external image. 

One of the best and most efficient tools to promote a great employee experience and focus on the employee’s wellness is having a good reward and recognition plan. With small and simple actions, we can achieve a much more relaxed climate, deepen our connections with employees and increase their engagement.

Reward and Recognition a fundamental pillar for staff morale

The lack of recognition generates disagreement, resentment, and demotivation.

When an employee strives to do their job well, complies with what is expected and makes extra efforts, they need to be noticed, with a comment, with a note, with some kind of attention.

This does not only mean a raise, as many often think. There are many other ways to acknowledge someone. For instance, in a lot of companies where salaries are more than adequate but there are weaknesses in recognition, we observe discouraged employees and lack of desire to collaborate. There are many cases where organizations that make managerial errors in terms of its personnel, frequently want to solve their problems with an easy tool such as the salary increase. In other words, if we fail to build a great employee experience inside the company, the salary, as high as it could get, won’t do the trick. It´s especially important to know that these deficiencies cannot be solved lightly, but with a much more extensive plan. A promising idea, for example, is carrying out a critical self-evaluation that touches different points to review, always working as a team with your managers to improve the employee experience.


Self-assessment, a key to success

The self-assessment is always a great first step in our path to an excellent work environment. Asking basic questions such as: is my organization a good place to work? Do I have the necessary resources to carry out my functions? Do I feel motivated or stimulated? These questions can give us a clear picture of how good our work environment is. It is important to keep in mind that our work environment is not only the physical space where employees operate professionally, but also includes the psychological aspects of the employee’s wellbeing at work. It is not only relevant what we think of our workplace, but also the staff’s perception and emotions towards work. 

Workers are human beings, not resources. Therefore, the manager or leader must be supportive; that is, they must show real concern for the employee in general and not only for their performance at work. A supportive work environment recognizes an employee’s desire for work-life balance and cares about building relationships of trust between the manager and the employee. When department heads openly respect employees, they not only achieve a higher level of performance, but also make employees stay with the company longer. 

On the other hand, if we lack recognition in our teams, we can turn employees who have enthusiasm and excellent performance, into low-spirited employees who are always defensive, make mistakes, or become incredulous and think that it is useless to make an extra effort because no one will notice.

Recognizing worker accomplishments helps create a great employee experience and encourages people to stand out at their tasks.

Reward and Recognition a fundamental pillar for staff morale

Recognition is a management tool

Recognition is a management tool that reinforces the company-worker relationship and causes positive changes within an organization. When an efficient and effective person is recognized, the actions and behaviours that the organization wishes to instil in employees are also being reinforced. 

There are two types of recognition: formal and informal. The first aims at the monetary or tangible, which must be approved by a superior, while the second is low-cost and is aimed at highlighting the work carried out day by day. It can be implemented with a minimum of planning and can consist of, for example, a thank you card, an email, or an unexpected public thank you. 

It is good to keep in mind, that to make the recognition more meaningful and with a deeper impact, we can choose to make it a public event. This way the recognized employee will feel proud, and at the same time, you will be encouraging other staff members to go the extra mile.

This recognition may come together with a gift to pamper the employee, making it even more desired. There are endless reward options to choose from, some options might be:

  • A team lunch
  • Some days off to spend with family
  • Tickets to an event
  • Outdoor experiences
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • A relaxing massage
  • A hotel stay
How we can help

Recreational activities outside the workplace

Recognition is not the only option to promote a great work environment. Performing recreational activities outside the workplace encourages communication and interactions between employees. This type of initiative helps to build healthy relationships and friendships among colleagues. 

The leading companies in the market are now learning a fundamental lesson. That is, encouraging a fun work environment and inspiring employees to enjoy their work. It is amazing what a good work experience can do. Happy workers are loyal employees, and loyal individuals can do amazing things. 

There are thousands of options for fostering a great employee experience. With a little bit of creativity and empathy, we can develop original ideas to connect with our employees and boost morale. The most important thing is to keep this on our everyday agenda and treat it with the relevance it deserves. 

How we can help? 

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